For optimal idTRAX performance, the chemical probe set must contain compounds that offer maximal diversity in their kinase inhibition patterns and kinome coverage. By decreasing the redundancy in the pattern of kinases inhibited by each compound, the number of compounds required for accurate identification of any given target decreases.


In the simplest example, if kinase A is equally inhibited by all the compounds that inhibit kinase B, their target status will be indistinguishable to the deconvolution algorithm. Conversely, the fewer inhibitors the two kinases share, the more accurately the algorithm will identify situations where one of them is a target while the other is not. As such, optimal performance will directly depend on minimizing overlap in co-inhibited kinases within the chemical probe set.

Finally, the compounds must be of moderate selectivity, since very high selectivity works against maximizing coverage and minimizing probe set size, and very high promiscuity is counterproductive to target discovery. Truvitech’s chemical probe set is composed of compounds selected using our unique cheminformatic algorithms in a manner that optimizes the performance of our target deconvolution platform.